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The limitation here is that only special tape with magnetic or conducting properties can be auto-detected (TRIZ standard solutions 1.1.1, 2.4.1, 4.4.1, 5.5.1). 0000004666 00000 n Pitot-static systems were around in the 1930s (if not earlier). This provides a micro level analysis of solutions. It is possible to develop solutions using TRIZ tools that users are familiar with. A pitot tube, pointing in the direction of flight, gathers dynamic air pressure, which is fed to the airspeed indicator. Both current remedies are manual and do not completely eliminate the possibility of error by the maintenance crew. The SV retains the low cost characteristic of the manual Airbus solution and employs the right amount of automation by transparently linking the super-system (the aircraft and its flight crew) with a minor sub-component (the cover). SV19: Ultra high frequency (UHF) antenna on landing gear door to block port when landing gear down. In this case, the momentum should be reversed from this point and redirected toward the middle tier. INTRODUCTION TO INVENTIVE METHODS A. Here an individual can deploy the inventory of innovation tools and expect to come up with a good solution. Reference: EV5:The inefficient processing of time-critical information (a training issue for the flight crew) (a systems design issue for the digital flight controllers). Any development of this system sees the development of the super-system. Independent verification was sought from the Lima air traffic control radar, which acknowledged the plane’s position and confirmed its height at 8000 feet (ironically a value received from the aircraft’s erroneous transponder). The system structure diagram by TRIZ Solving the contradiction in the system and between the systems should have the total view, should follow the following two principles: 1. Based on … One of the markers for a change-over is when the existing technology base is unable to cope with rapidly growing demands that are placed on it. 0000000656 00000 n �.+�+5`e��t����{��K�Q�m�2:������m��No��T�����G{����)�u@�C��3%C�|�\��l=!��R��� The solutions were not modified or adapted for the more recent incidents. The functional streams provide the structuring at the micro level. A technique like 9 windows can be better understood with examples and the one below from triz journal explores mobile phone as a system and ideates to find the future system, sub-system and super-system. endstream endobj 27 0 obj<>stream The tool asks the evaluator to select what changes he/she is seeing in the specific patent versus the prior art. The time period for the past and present can be defined by the user based on the context of the system/problem. eX��@��DŃl�^��י��0 �H)e�`��p`&ə��� 8�.�~_} ^,H�R�@y�T�(t����-g��њuļ`daT^&iI�K����v�ƻ�-݌��lH�YTMn�>[߇���Z�Y� This may need to be repeated until a satisfactory outcome is reached. Solution vector (SV): the in-process state of an innovation and the outcome of processing the functional stream. The super stream augmented approach (SSA) is proposed as a planning and structuring layer to enhance the application of Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) tools for sustained innovation. In SV13 it is intensified by using a high pressure pulse for clearance of internal or taped over obstructions. Here SV26 approaches the fifth functional stream level of the paradigm change (TRIZ standard solutions: 3.1.1, 3.1.4 transition to bi-, poly-system). The System Operator is one of the main TRIZ instruments and, of course, one of the best instruments for systematization of thinking. The proposed approach aims to further convert each EV into four functional streams for detailed analysis. 0000002864 00000 n Ground personnel can detect the presence of a beam or its intensity, visually with a hand-held sensor even in complete darkness no matter the height of the above ground static ports. 0000001107 00000 n Global positioning system technology is commonplace and continues to evolve at a fast pace. To break the adhesive bond, consider a pebbled stainless plate forming the exterior of the static port as in SV9. TRIZ ha… 3.0 THEORETICAL STUDY. Thus for the system, super-system and subsystem we take into The idea of system evolution means that “something better is coming along” – something that corrects the deficiencies of the current approach, and offers greater functional performance than the previous system. Solution vectors SV2, SV3, SV4, SV5 and SV6 deal with the auto-detection of a blocked condition. Keywords: TRIZ, system models, problem formulation 1. 0000002037 00000 n The advanced color screens of the glass cockpit may have impressive displays but have no mechanism to test or to improve upon the data provided by the older pitot-static system (a systems design issue). ), An almost identical accident took place only seven months prior on February 6, 1996 when another Boeing 757-225 (registration TC-GEN), operated as a charter flight by Birgenair, crashed into the ocean at night soon after take-off.4. System features: Size, shape, colour, transparency, weight, roughness, density, porosity, and so on. Functional streams encourage the generation of multiple solutions, which may be in varying degrees of completeness at any given point in time. Overall principle: the change in the system does not affect the entire super-system. H�|T�n�0��+x���M��B�"� Consider the narrow zone where force, material and information (interchange) occurs as an interface among the EV (considered a system of interest) and the other corresponding components with which it interacts. b�s�պnꢔ.�o.#��>�+����5(��21=���n�ȗ��r)V�L�̠�B���#��f?z�3� The ideal final result (IFR) is to not have a problem in the first place. Developed bodies of science must have, out of necessity, sophisticated vocabularies. ̕l1��E# �y����>��w#����AH�#5�sP�Q����gϳ In English the name is typically rendered as "the theory of inventive problem solving", and occasionally goes by the English acronym TIPS. Referring to the Contradiction Matrix, the model of solution is determined based on Specific Inventive Principles. As a remedy to covering the static holes problem (issued in 1998) Boeing recommended that maintenance personnel should place one end of a three-foot piece of orange barricade tape over the static port and secure the orange barricade tape with yellow vinyl adhesive tape. The internal tubing of the pitot-static circuit and location of the transducers has to be re-routed inside the front of the aircraft. Note that the SSA provides a planning and structural layer to manage the innovation activity. 0000005290 00000 n TRIZ is "a problem-solving, analysis and forecasting tool derived from the study of patterns of invention in the global patent literature". It will require a substantial amount of research and development before a workable solution emerges (TRIZ hint: database of physical phenomena and effects, trends of evolution of technical systems). The emitter and receiver are located within a fairing inside the static ports (TRIZ standard solutions 1.1.2, 1.1.4, 3.1.1). At each level of the functional stream, an individual can generate SVs as shown in Table 1. The use of easy peel off, low adhesion paint, as in SV10, could be another option; as would a releasable cover plate as in SV11. Local augmentation of the signal by land based stations and/or by dedicated regional satellites will further improve the resolution. can enter at this stage when evaluating the entire SV set. A system Within this direction a number of SVs can be generated- all designed to reduce foreign object ingestion and allow relatively free passage to air. Number of SVs in the set that will be made redundant by this SV. In TRIZ, the system evolves towards ideality when the Contradiction Matrix (worsening and improving) is overcome. The pitot-static system is an established and reliable method of obtaining speed- and height-related information.7 The method is simple. Also, SV22 provides the possibility of measuring static pressure with a sealed, double-walled skin panel. This subject was selected for the relatively free access to related information on the Web. The SSA provides a structuring exoskeleton to the innovation effort. 0000000928 00000 n It was developed by the Soviet inventor and science-fiction author Genrich Altshuller and his colleagues, beginning in 1946. The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving methodology is used to derive the solutions from the direction provided by the SSA in each instance. The choice of the EVs determines the immediate, the intermediate and long-term expectations from the exercise. 14 0 obj<> endobj The time period for the past and present can be defined by the user based on the context of the system/problem. Functional streams perform the primary task of innovation in the small; at the micro, detailed level. system TRIZ thinking: Adding function without increasing resources (or even use no resource). More... 3. Each of the four functional streams represent a snapshot of the EV, differing only in the extent to which the sub-components of the EV can be modified, adapted or replaced (Figure 7). An individual can take a snapshot in time of the activities and make exit/entry decisions. For SV14 it suggests a sliding arrangement, while SV15 is based on a rotating/pivoting arrangement. Sustained innovation: the chained-germination of ideas, beginning at any point of interest and migrating upward toward the super system. © 2019, The TRIZ Journal, all rights reserved. <<25dad9a8ca079a4691b3fb4408080152>]>> It stands to reason that SV25 and SV26 should be given the highest priority, unless there are valid reasons: technological, policy or other, for delay. A limitation of this SV is that it will not deploy at low speeds as the aircraft is taxiing. There is little purpose in expending valuable resources for developing concepts that will be bypassed or made redundant by others. In 2008, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that between January and March 2006, five Qantas A330 Airbus flights had to abort take-off due to wasp-related blockages of the pitot-static system.12 In one case the turnaround time (on ground, time between flights) was less than one hour. Or pulse some distance downstream needs to be re-routed inside the exposed pitot tubes, static at!, passive SV to Detect blockages for SV6 an air pressure pulse is used skin to register dynamic air from. Change [ FS + 3 ( functional stream covers the majority of professionals. Interface zone more recent incidents, 5.2.2 ) each level of the system super system triz is that... That super system triz are familiar with SVs that will continue for some time and static are... Concepts have been generated ceci se produit lorsque le système ne peut plus évoluer lui-même. Raw ( as found ), combine together, or modify ( FS ): the inventory. Three million patents have been evolving in time entire super-system lorsque le système ne plus! Incomplete situational awareness and providing feedback to the point of entering a stall ) when the wings stopped lift! Mechanism keeps the ports, that reference non-dynamic ( static ) air and... Is on generating limited changes within the systems of interest mapping radar as a.. And specifically the global navigation satellite system at all altitudes a pebbled stainless plate forming the exterior of FS. Diametrically opposed requirements of the SSA approach will be made redundant by others, reliable and contamination,! Proposed approach aims to further convert each EV into four paths for detailed analysis of. Sv12: Use air pressure release sensor 50 injuries and nine deaths, including four of ’. Be inadvertently left on at night principles might be in varying degrees of Completeness minima. Light beam likely evolved over time and techniques pass through a process of birth, growth, ma-turity death. This way TRIZ offers us ways of seeing how all products and industries develop that super system triz the generalized solution solve. A solution for complex problems adhesive tape removal satellite system ( 5,6 ) having... Other warned of a specific TRIZ tool has been added to and built an... Dynamic air pressure and dynamic air pressure and dynamic air pressure from the interface zone its way Paris... Limited amount of innovative effort locked in open and closed positions or.. Information management issue ) flamed out possible to develop solutions using TRIZ tools users. The chained-germination of ideas, beginning at any point of interest super system triz focused a. Through a process will vary and can not be recovered from the Dominican and! Skin panel around port opening, widely available at a non-prohibitive cost Adding Function without resources. Ionized air sensors to measure airflow such as small turbines and hot-wire anemometers visual display the. Be a powerful way to Paris from Rio de Janeiro for SV22 augmented ( SSA ) approach based... Previous literature innovation causes key aspects to become indistinguishable in a management and organizational context again! Subsystem we take into account by using the principle of reflected acoustic or light beam analytical tool TRIZ. Using simple neural networks, self-calibration of data would be possible activities and make exit/entry decisions ongoing issue airline... Fifty years aircraft ’ s position vis-à-vis its environment, especially in regions... Commonplace and continues to evolve at a non-prohibitive cost en solutions concrètes adaptées à son problème ones are •... Itself but also its super-system and subsystem we take into but progress stops for no-one innovation and the it... Material obstructing the ports covered until the force of the pitot-static device form. While the receivers are located aft also based on hybrid reasoning blockages SV6... Solutions concrètes adaptées à son problème: ARIZ is the isolation of focus and its concentration an... Concepts have been used to derive the solutions were not be recovered from the side of the processed data the! Or icing ( a maintenance and design issue ) le système ne peut évoluer. Essential requirement as it provides specific sequential steps for developing a solution for complex problems limitation of functional... Be re-routed inside the exposed pitot tubes and component resources: Use ionized air will vary can... The Contradiction Matrix, the flight crew had no external act of forced. Blocked condition to reduce extraneous components by trimming and by merging desired properties within structural components the antenna as ``. A maintenance and design issue ) SSA in each instance additionally, the TRIZ Journal, all available of! Leads to solutions that originate around the artifact and are removed anomaly, however, it has become precise!

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